A sexual breakdown is an ailment that many men have already faced. It is a very embarrassing problem for both the man and the woman. But what exactly to do in case of a sexual breakdown? 

Do not panic 

When you are faced with a sexual breakdown, it is important to stay calm and not to panic. Yes, there is no reason to be worried at first because it can happen to all men. Don't hesitate to talk about it with your partner. 

Explain the situation to him and suggest to him to postpone the sexual intercourse for another time. In these situations, women should also be more understanding of their husbands or partners. They should avoid ridiculing or making fun of the man, as this may frustrate him. 

Maximize foreplay 

If you are experiencing a sexual breakdown, talk to your partner and allow much more time for foreplay. Concentrate solely on pleasuring your partner and exciting his or her different erogenous zones. Use your fingers as well as your tongue. This will surely allow your penis to regain energy. 

If you are a woman and your man finds himself in a situation of sexual breakdown you must redouble your imagination and find a way to arouse his desire and excitement. Men are very sensitive to visuals, so don't hesitate to use hot and sexy lingerie to excite him and whet his sexual appetite. 

Don't hesitate to go see a specialist 

If despite all your attempts, the sexual breakdown persists, then it is imperative to get in touch with a specialist. The latter will be able to advise you better. He or she can refer you to a psychologist, a urologist or a sexologist. 

A sexual breakdown can be due to many causes. They can be of physical or psychological origin. To go to the specialist, you can go alone or with your partner.