Phone sex is a very popular phenomenon nowadays. It is a very popular practice for partners who are in a long distance relationship. But how to make love by phone? 

It is necessary to prepare well in advance 

In order to make love by phone, it is important to be well prepared. A good preparation allows both partners to put themselves in better conditions. Each partner must do everything possible to increase the excitement of his partner. For that you can for example use naughty sms. A few hours before the actual act, exchange romantic and erotic messages. 

These messages must be written carefully with words chosen on purpose. These exchanges of messages are intended to increase the desire and excitement of each other. However, to succeed in these exchanges, both partners must be active and respond without further delay to the various messages sent by his partner. 

The act itself 

To make love over the phone, it is important to get comfortable. Sit comfortably before making the call. It is recommended that the woman, for example, put on sensual lingerie to spice up the call. The man, on the other hand, can go shirtless or wear a tank top and boxers that enhance his shape. Note that love by phone can be done through different channels and in different ways. 

It can be done by direct call or by video call. One can also use a webcam or applications such as WhatsApp, Skype and others. Also note that posture or position matters. Ideally, you should lie down on your bed. Use your best voice and say sweet words to your partner. 

By listening to these soft and exciting words, both partners will be excited and may even touch each other while masturbating. They can also send nudes to each other to spice up the exchange.