The sexual intercourse with your partner is a unique moment.  Therefore, it is important to adopt different types of positions to make the moment enjoyable. What are the best positions in Kamasutra?


This is one of the most popular Kamasutra positions during sex. It is the position, I am lying down and it is the man who does everything, which is very pleasant. The angle of penetration is perfect to provoke pleasure without making any effort, the orgasm is there. It is the recommended position after having done acrobatic positions to breathe better. Thus, the starfish allows it to decompress.

The hold 

If you are tired of the classic positions and if you are not adept at acrobatic positions, then it is essential to opt for this position. The hold consists of the woman lying on her back like a missionary and the man coming on all fours above her. The woman must then raise her pelvis, hook her foot around her partner's pelvis and position her hand to be stable. This position allows that one is plunged in the glance of his or her partner. The hold provides an intense sensuality, makes the orgasms rise. It is a pleasant position and easy to reproduce. 

The 69 

It is one of the most practiced positions. It consists of both (man and woman) lying head to toe in order to perform cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time. The 69 is a comfortable position where both partners come out ahead. It should be done at the beginning of sex to stimulate or build up the orgasm to open the festivities. The main thing here is that the mouths are at the same level to caress each other's sex. The 69 is an oral position of the Kamasutra, very pleasant.