In addition to being a moment of indescribable pleasure, sex is, as you might expect, very beneficial to your health. So what are the health benefits of sex? 

Sex reduces high blood pressure 

According to a study, women who are regularly satisfied after sex are not at great risk for high blood pressure. This is not really the case for those who do not have regular sex or who do not feel pleasure during sex. As for men, those who have sex once a week see their risk of suffering a cardiovascular accident within five years almost double or even triple that of those who do not have sex at all. 

Sex helps fight migraine and stress 

Sex, through orgasm, has virtues on migraine. This is possible thanks to the action of the hormones released during pleasure, orgasm and more precisely the endorphins. Indeed, the latter provides the body with a feeling of well-being and helps to reduce all kinds of pain. Sex is a perfect remedy for headaches. In addition, sex also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Here, it is serotonin, a sex hormone that gives the partner a feeling of calmness while contributing to the reduction of anxiety, anguish or stress. 

Sex reduces the risk of cancer

Several studies have proven that having sex regularly reduces the risk of certain cancers. In particular, it has been shown that there are concrete links between regular physical activity and the reduction of prostate cancer. Indeed, it is the frequent ejaculation which would reduce the risks of cancer at this level. In addition, sex is also good for heart function. Having sex allows you to have a good blood pressure and at the same time stimulates the cardiovascular system by facilitating the circulation of blood.